Ural Sidecars in the Snow

Hitting the winter season for most of motorcyclists means locking their bikes in
garages and storages for several months. The Ural riders though are ready for more fun and
breathtaking experience. And when it is below the freezing point your engine definitely
need a reliable lubricant, like Motul the official partner and sponsor of ZIMKHANA that
took place last winter in Russia (check out the video below).
This January a modern Siberian city Novosibirsk became the center of winter
entertainment involving motorcycle racing. Though the temperature dropped way below -
20 C (-10 F), it wasn't enough to cool Ural sidecar riders' enthusiasm even an inch down.
By all means the sidecar adds much confidence and provides stability on the yielding
snow and slippery ice.
There is no way winter can stop Ural motorbike fans now that they
have a new Gear-Up model, a four-season adventure bike with two-wheel drive option which
makes steering almost as comfortable as a snowmobile.
The winter time amusement and many test drives on the 2WD Gear Up drove Ural
riders to the conclusion that any wet slippery or fluffy snow ground is no longer a
dangerous obstacle on the way to their adventure.
Ural motorcycles gather people and companies all over the world. Even if you
missed ZIMKHANA, you can still get a blast just watching this video! The Ural sidecars
were unrivalled as they raced around massive snow slopes and drifted on the glittering ice.

A fascinating idea to use Ural Gear Up belongs to @finecustommechanics in
Moscow, with a bit of imagination the guys modified it to tow other motorcycles in the
snow and ice.

Well, thanks to all Ural riders worldwide for sharing their amazing experience with
sidecars. We love your pics and video clips, so please go ahead and share #uralmotoru .
We'd like to know all about!
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