Ural Gear Up

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  • Precision honing for consistent sealing of rings at high temperatures
  • Cylinder bore allowing faster and better break-in resulting in improved oil retention and longer cylinder life

    • Cooling fins increased in surface area for improved cooling efficiency.
    • Exhaust port reduced in length for decreased cylinder head temperature.
    • Optimized intake and exhaust ports geometry for improved flow of gasses.
    • Re-designed cylinder head covers

    • Gravity cast from NASA388 (aluminum/silica alloy) with superior heat resistance to forged pistons.
    • Teflon inlayed skirt for reduced friction.
    • Hard anodized crown and top ring groove for increased high-temp longevity.
    • Manganese Phosphate coated compression rings.
    • Top ring face inlayed with high-tech plasma-sprayed Molybdenum offering increased durability.
    • Optimized piston ring groove tolerances.
    • Phosphate-coated piston pin.


    • Improved oil pick-up design
    • Oil sump redesigned to maximize oil capacity without sacrificing ground clearance. Oil capacity increased to 2.6L.

    "Our goal was to improve performance and reliability while meeting or exceeding ever-tightening emission control requirements."

    • All new EFI system utilizing Keihin throttle bodies
    • Electronic idle speed control for better start ability and stable idle speed.
    • Throttle position sensor for improved throttle response.
    • Fuel injector location optimized for increased efficiency.
    • Closed-loop EFI system for better fuel efficiency.
    • System fuel pressure increased for improved fuel atomization.
    • New self-priming, in-tank fuel pump with integrated filter and pressure relief
    • High-efficiency catalysts for reduced pollution without sacrificing power


    All three wheels (and spare) now utilize the same hub which makes them fully interchangeable. The rims supplied by a new vendor are made from different aluminum alloy and have superior strength and finish.
    "Fully interchangeable spare wheel."


    CAMO PATTERN (extra price)
    PREMIUM COLOR OPTIONS (extra price)

    Standard Accessories

    • LED Sidecar Fog Lights
    • Sidecar Power Outlet
    • Sidecar Tonneau Cover
    • Gas Tank w/ Built-In Storage
    • Jerry Can
    • Folding Utility Shovel
    • Luggage Rack
    • Universal Spare Wheel (Fits All 3 Positions)

    Our bikes are happy cruising between 65 and 75 mph. Our 749cc engine combined with powerful low end torque is the perfect size to compliment the steering dynamics of our all steel sidecar.
    Reverse Gear

    In addition to a 4 speed transmission, every Ural comes with a mechanical reverse gear. Reverse can be engage by the foot pedal to the right of the rear brake.
    Goodbye Backpack, Hello Trunk.
    Every Ural comes standard with a lockable and water tight sidecar trunk. It's the perfect size for extra gear, supplies, and whatever else your adventures may need.

    Engine and Transmission
    • Displacement, cc: 749

    • Engine type: OHV air cooled 2 cylinder 4 stroke "boxer" (flat twin)

    • Valve per cylinder: 2

    • Bore and stroke (mm x mm): 78 x 78

    • Max output (hp): 41 @ 5500 rpm

    • Max torque (ft-lbs): 42 @ 4300 rpm

    • Compression: 8.6:1

    • Fuel system: Throttle body EFI

    • Starting: Electric & Kickstart

    • Clutch Double-disc dry

    • Transmission type: Manual

    • Speeds: 4 forward 1 reverse

    • Primary drive (rear wheel): Driveshaft

    • Final drive ratio: 4.62

    • Engageable sidecar wheel drive: Yes, driveshaft

    Physical Measurements

    • Overall length, mm.: 2580

    • Overall heights, mm.: 1100

    • Overall width, mm.: 1700

    • Seat height, (unladen), mm.: 813

    • Ground clearance (unladen),mm.: 172

    • Dry weight, kg: 365

    • Max permissible weight, kg: 612
    • nt suspension: IMZ leading link fork

    • Rear suspension: Double sided swing-arm with two Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorbers, 7x adjustable

    • Sidecar suspension: Single sided swing-arm with Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorber, 7x adjustable

    • Wheels: 2.15X19 Aluminum rims with steel spokes

    • Tires: Duro HF-308, 4.0×19″

    • Front brake: 4-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 295mm floating NG rotor

    • Rear brake: HB big bore single piston integrated floating caliper with 256mm fixed NG rotor

    • Sidecar brake: 2-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 245mm floating NG rotor


    • Fuel grade: 91 Octane, unleaded
    • Fuel tank capacity, lt: 22,7
    • Recommended max cruising speed, km/h: 110
    • Trunk volume, lt.: 60

    • Alternator: Denso, Peak Output 40 Amp @ 14vdc, 560 Wt

    • Battery: FAYTX20HL (12V, 20A)

    • Headlight: H4

    • Spark plugs: NGK BPR6HS

    2-years parts and labor unlimited mileage.
    "The perfect mix of modern and retro."
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