From France to Austria

Ural Motorcycles and Motul sponcored: A Motorcycle-Diaries adventure from France to
Austria. "A la recherche du temps perdu" the story about a slow ride from France to Austria
capturing breathtaking landscapes and nature!
The partnership between Ural and Motul gave rise to a very special Motorcycle Care
developed at the IMZ motorcycle plant in Irbit, Russia.
We need our feet and wheels to tour the world and broaden our minds.
The Ural Gear Up model already gained its popularity among Ural riders and now the
sidecars also have optional gloss and matte finish with two or three color modes, plus
leather rims add so much texture and taste. Its special trunk design can hold up to 10
products from the Motul MC Care range. A zealous fan might have spotted this elegance
and first during Wheels & Waves 2018 Biarritz, France, and definitely later in Koln, in the
beginning of October!
The couple that undertook this journey was never seeking popularity, but once they were
driving this stunning machine, they immediately gained tons of attention.
"You normally don't find us often hanging out at hip motorcycle events. We do not really
bother about the latest trends in chrome bolts nor do we consider ourselves tattoo-addicts,
and we do not like to discuss about all the magnificent rides we'll probably never undertake.
We soon give in to looking around, waving, smiling, taking pictures, reading, eating. And when
you switch seats to the sidecar, there's a sudden change. Yes, you can assist your driver and
hang out, helping to take the corner or anticipate a slide."
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